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Schizophrenia: Public Attitudes, Private Needs

Approximately two million Americans live with schizophrenia. Two-thirds do not receive treatment, even though the disease can be managed successfully. A new report, Schizophrenia: Public Attitudes, Private Needs, released by NAMI, also reveals most Americans are unfamiliar with the disease.

"Americans are not sure what to think about schizophrenia," said NAMI executive director Mike Fitzpatrick. "They know schizophrenia is a medical illness affecting the brain, but it is largely misunderstood. There are gaps in knowledge— and access to treatment. Misinformation, misperceptions, and misunderstanding represent a public health crisis."

The report is based on an on-line survey conducted by Harris Interactive among the general public, caregivers and individuals living with schizophrenia.

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