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NAMI Hearts and Minds Online—Coming Soon!

The NAMI Hearts and Minds program is an online, interactive wellness educational initiative premiering in fall 2009.

Here is a sample of what you’ll find when Hearts and Minds launches on the Web site:

Ten Steps to Happy, Healthy Eating

  1. Stop drinking soda, high energy drinks and juices (except for one-fourth cup of juice at breakfast). Drink water. It is free and has no sugar! This change alone can begin to improve your body’s insulin response.
  2. Eat breakfast. A great breakfast is whole-grain cereal with fruit and skim or low-fat milk. See the Hearts and Minds web page for some sample breakfast menus.
  3. Choose unprocessed foods for snacks such as low-fat cheese, vegetables and fruits.
  4. Eat whole grains. This is fairly easy to do as there is now even whole wheat white bread! Be sure the first ingredient listed is whole wheat, and choose breads with at least three grams of fiber per slice. Other whole grains include brown rice, barley, whole wheat pastas and oats.
  5. Decrease the portion size of meat, poultry and fish. A recommended serving size is three ounces—much smaller than the usual American serving size—and is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards.
  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to eat nine servings a day. A serving is a medium piece of fruit or one-half cup of fruit and vegetables. Frozen and canned fruits and veggies are good choices—and often less expensive.
  7. Avoid trans fats.
  8. Decrease saturated fat consumption. That means eating less meat and avoiding snack foods such as cakes, cookies, chocolate bars and chips.
  9. Increase Omega-3 fatty acids by including Omega 3-rich foods like walnuts, beans, salmon and olive oil in your diet. Also look on food labels for added Omega-3s—they are often added to bread, eggs, pasta, milk and juice.
  10. Your lunch or dinner plate should be half fruits and vegetables, one-fourth whole grains and one-fourth full of meats or meat substitutes like cheese, tofu or beans. Try to eat fish twice a week. One cup of skim or low-fat milk completes a balanced meal.

NAMI thanks OptumHealth Public Sector and Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at the University of California, San Francisco for their generous support of this program.

Get ready to engage in taking action to promote quality of life and recovery for individuals who live with mental illness.