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Mental Illness Stigma Hard to Shake, Survey Finds

MedlinePlus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, reports that the level of Americans' prejudice and discrimination toward people with serious mental illness or substance abuse problems remained the same over the last 10 years, according to researchers at Indiana University and Columbia University. Medline Plus

The Voices of Schizophrenia

Tara Parker-Pope's "Well" column covers the lives of people living with schizophrenia. See also the related Patient Voices: Schizophrenia feature. - The New York Times

Lessons on living with autism

The College Internship Program helps people living with autism and Aspergerís disorder develop the skills they need to succeed at college. - The Boston Globe

A Way Out of Depression: Coaxing a Loved One in Denial Into Treatment Without Ruining Your Relationship

NAMI Medical Director Dr. Ken Duckworth and Dr. Xavier Amador of the LEAP Institute discuss ways to communicate with people who may not have insight into their depression.- The Wall Street Journal

Mental Health Pros Boo Haunted House at Pa. Asylum

Pennhurst State Hospital, a long-vacant mental health treatment facility in the outskirts of Philadelphia, has been filled with plastic skeletons and controversy since plans to turn it into a haunted house were announced.- Miami Herald