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Dating a Bi

Read this creative perspective on bipolar disorder in a relationship from NAMI member Kyle Foote. Q Salt Lake

Mark Vonnegut: "Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So"

Mark Vonnegut, the son of the late Kurt Vonnegut, appeared on the Diane Rehm show to discuss growing up with his father the novelist, finding his calling as a pediatrician and his new memoir about his experiences with mental illness. - NPR

China Tackles Surge in Mental Illness

China announced recently that psychological evaluations will be added to the selection procedures for government officials. The move is related to a recent string of suicides by officials and to the country's changing incidence of mental health diagnoses. -

Genes as Mirrors of Life Experiences

Epigenetics, or the study of how people's experience and environment affect the functions of their genes, may hold clues to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. - New York Times

North Carolina's Dorothea Dix Hospital Closing

After much protest and debate, one of North Carolina's state psychiatric hospitals is closing its doors. Read NAMI Wake County's evaluation of the closing. - Raleigh News & Observer

Iowa Police Get Little Mental Illness Training

Iowa has had seven police-involved shootings since January 2008 in which the people shot suffered from a mental illness, a review by The Des Moines Register shows. Most of Iowa's city, county and state law enforcement officers have received the two-hour training offered by the state academy on how to deal with suspects and others who may have a mental illness - Des Moines Register