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2010 NAMI Convention

The Multicultural Mental Health Research symposium was a highlight for many interested in culture-specific mental health information. Presenters provided expert perspectives and valuable data:

  • Click here for "Multicultural Mental Health Research: Epidemiology, Service Use and Quality" by Dr. Annelle Primm
  • Click here for "Response and Tolerability of Psychotropics in African-Americans" by Dr. William Lawson

The Multicultural Action Center enjoyed another successful NAMI annual convention held  in Washington, D.C.. Program offerings included  culturally-inclusive information and multicultural perspectives of interest to NAMI’s diverse membership and partners. In preparation for this year's convention, the Multicultural Action Center compiled a list of recommended sessions and events, available at the end of this page.

Participants of the 2010 NAMI Convention enjoyed programing with topics such as healthcare reform, housing, employment and education. On Thursday, July 1st, NAMI advocates took advantage of the opportunity to head to Capitol Hill for face-to-face meetings with U.S. Congressional representatives.  Visit the 2010 NAMI Convention website for a great recap of convention events including videos and colorful photographs that beautifully captured the energy of the event.

NAMI’s annual convention is an occasion for celebration, discovery and support.
Participants from across the country representing many perspectives within the mental
health arena come together to network, learn from each other and connect with old friends. 
Join us next year in Chicago for the 2011 NAMI Annual Convention!

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