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Presidentís Annual Report

The Board conducted three in-person and seven conference call meetings during the past year, taking action in many areas thanks to the dedicated service of each Director.  This report summarizes the Boardís activities in the categories of organization, education (including CIT), and advocacy.

Since its June 2012 re-charter under NAMIís new Standards of Excellence, the Board has not needed to focus as much on organizational matters.  NAMI Idaho remains the only NAMI state organization re-chartered without paid staff.

During the year NAMI Idaho conducted the West Region Conference in January in Boise, the East Region Conference in April in Idaho Falls and the North Region Conference and Annual Meeting in September in Coeur díAlene. NAMI Idaho produced its electronic newsletter every four months; held bi-monthly conference call meetings with Affiliate Presidents; responded to NAMI Idaho helpline and NAMI Idaho e-mail inquiries; conducted an organizational meeting in Twin Falls to reorganize that affiliate; and entered into a revenue-sharing agreement with NAMI Boise to increase corporate sponsorships for their NAMI Walk.    

Progress continued on the goal to establish NAMI Signature program trainers in each NAMI Idaho region, providing a scholarship to a member of NAMI Wood River Valley to become a state trainer in Family-to-Family. 

The 2011 Byrne/JAG grant to support training in CIT was completed in June 2013 with the following results: 

  • 2 Train the Trainer classes for law enforcement officers were held in Boise and in Sandpoint:  32 trained
  • 4 CIT introduction courses were held:  86 trained
  • 5 forty-hour CIT Academies were held: 129 trained
  • 1 advanced CIT Academy was held:  51 trained
In addition, grant funds:
  • Purchased mp3 players for 5 DHW regions and the Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC);
  • Purchased CIT pins for 2 regions and the IDOC;
  • Paid to bring speaker Ellis Amdur for 2 of the trainings.

During the grant period, forty-hour CIT courses were held in all 7 DHW Regions and all are planning academies within the next year.  Special thanks to Ann Wimberley for administering the grant and Mike Sandvig for handling all of the related financial work.

In concentrated advocacy efforts this year, NAMI Idaho sent congratulatory letters to all 105 state legislators after the elections with educational information related to the state of mental health services in Idaho, and met with state legislators and many agency personnel during Advocacy Days in January in Boise to discuss its two main legislative issues:

  1. Medicaid Managed Care System for Behavioral Health
  • Data Collection and Reporting under Medicaid Managed Care
  • Transition Between Mental Health Providers
  • Adequate Initial One-Time Funding

    1. Legislation Creating Regional Behavioral Health Boards
  • Funding of Regional Behavioral Health Boards
  • Definition of Services to be Provided

  • The Board gave significant input to DHW on the terms of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Medicaid Managed Care for Behavioral Health, many of which were directly incorporated into the RFP.  Optum Health, the chosen managed care organization, invited NAMI Idaho to review and comment on all their documents and forms before they were published.

    NAMI Idahoís most significant advocacy efforts were devoted to work with the legislature on what was termed Transformation legislation.  NAMI Idaho supported the merger of mental health and substance use disorder councils into Regional Behavioral Health Boards but strongly opposed formalizing in statute the current limitation of services provided by the Division of Behavioral Health to those with severe and persistent mental illness when in crisis.  Because of this opposition, the legislation failed to get out of Committee and was not passed.  Transformation legislation is again being proposed for 2014 that has positively addressed all of our major issues.

    NAMI Idaho also joined a coalition to support the expansion (redesign) of Medicaid as allowed under the Affordable Care Act.

    I would like to thank the Board members who served during the year and will not be continuing on the Board: Amika DuPree, Dawn Smith, Ruth Spencer and Wendy Norbom.  They all provided exceptional service to NAMI Idaho.  I would also like to welcome the new members of the Board who were formally elected at the Annual Meeting: Kathleen Mercer, Catherine Perusse, Sean Rodgers and Shannon Rood.

    In this, my last report as President, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to serve as President of NAMI Idaho over the last three years. I am confident that incoming President Tom Hanson will do an outstanding job.

    Doug McKnight, former President
    NAMI Idaho





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