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What to do about the Holiday Blues

High expectations, loneliness and stress can lead to the Holiday Blues during the season from Thanksgiving to New Yearís. In most cases, symptoms are temporary, but they can be serious if they last for more than 2 weeks, leading to clinical anxiety and/or depression. People already living with mental illness often find that their conditions worsen during the holidays.

NAMI's Medical Director, Ken Duckworth, M.D., is available to talk about the holiday blues on your radio or TV show.

NAMI offers information to health and lifestyle editors, producers and reporters and others working on stories about the holiday blues. They include tips on avoiding or minimizing the blues, as well as related topics.

Holiday Blues press release
The Holiday Blues: Tips and facts

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Examining our Mental Health System

Recent news and other national tragedies have resulted in important examinations of our nationís mental health system. Along with working with our nation's leaders and holding discussions about how to improve mental health care it is important to look at all of the underlying causes that lead to these events and look at how we can prevent them in the future as well as providing resources and care for all of those affected.

This guide includes resources for policymakers, news media and the general public with information about NAMI policy, mental illness, outreach initiatives and resources for families. ... Read More.

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