National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Warren H. Karmol, Jr.

Warren Karmol is the NAMIWalks Director for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Prior to assuming this role in 2004, Mr. Karmol held the position of NAMI regional director, where he worked on infrastructure and leadership development with NAMI affiliates in twelve western states.  His career with NAMI began when he became the executive director for NAMI Oregon in 1999.

Mr. Karmol has over twenty-five years experience managing and leading mental health, developmental disability, and poverty alleviation-focused organizations.  In addition to working in both the non-profit and governmental sectors, he also has experience in the for-profit sector where he has worked in a variety of leadership roles. 

Mr. Karmol received his formal education at the University of Toledo and the University of Southern California with an emphasis on economics, public administration, and environmental planning.