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Bipolar Puzzle Solution

All you ever wanted to know about bipolar illness in a 187-question-and-answer format is what this informative book is all about. Co-author and consumer Bryan Court charted his own course on the difficult recovery journey and along the way collected frequently heard questions expressed in a bipolar support group, questions about acceptance, medications, living with the illness, family and friends, how to find a good psychiatrist, employment issues, support groups, hospitalization, ECT, light therapy, disability, and faith and attitude.

As with his questions, Courtís answers "represent the opinions, concerns, and experience heard from others with bipolar illness in a support group setting." Courtís psychiatrist, Gerald E. Nelson, M.D., of Del Mar, California, who serves on the clinical staff of the University of California Medical School at San Diego, reviewed the answers to the questions and responded to each section of the book.

The appealing format and Courtís down-to-earth style make Bipolar Puzzle Solution a friendly book. In addition, Dr. Nelsonís complementary explanations and comments make an equally valuable contribution. His compassion and his obvious familiarity with the illness enhance the text.
Since Dr. Nelson considers bipolar disorder a valid diagnosis for children (ages 8-18), he believes that it is important to recognize the subtle signs and symptoms of bipolar illness early, when treatment is likely to be more successful.

This handbook ought to be made widely available and should be given by therapists to their patients with bipolar disorder and to their family members, a practice Dr. Nelson follows. Thank you Bryan Court and Dr. Nelson.
Bipolar Puzzle Solution by Bryan L. Court and Gerald E. Nelson. Accelerated Development, Taylor and Francis, 1996. 181 pp. $18.50.