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CIT in Action

April 2008: Vol. 3, Issue  4

Feature Story: CIT National Organization Created

Contributor: Ron Honberg

This month, the national CIT Advisory Group met in Atlanta and took the first steps toward the creation of a national organization dedicated to the promotion of CIT. The group is applying for non-profit status for a new organization, which will be called "CIT International," in recognition of the existence of CIT programs in Australia, Canada and Europe. (more… )

Advocacy Spotlight: Funding for CIT

As part of the ongoing development of NAMI’s CIT Advocacy Toolkit, the NAMICIT Center is working to address the questions that are often most pressing at the initiation of a CIT program: How much is it going to cost? And where do we get funding? To help answer these questions, we have developed several resources, including a sample budget, a guide to grant writing, and information about the cost of CIT. (more… )

News and Announcements

Comprehensive Review of CIT Research Published

Florida Awards $8 Million in Reinvestment Grants

Case Study of Georgia CIT Program Published

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