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March 2009

Grading The States 2009Feature: Nation Receives a D for Mental Health Care:

NAMI's Grading the States Report as an Effective Tool for Criminal Justice Advocates

NAMI has released a new report, Grading the States, assessing the nation's public mental health care system for adults and finding that the national average grade is a D.

Find out what the report says about criminalization of people with mental illness, and how criminal justice advocates can use the report. Read more...

Advocacy Spotlight: NAMI Releases New Guide on Crisis Intervention Programs for Youth

NAMI has published a guide titled, Supporting Schools and Communities in Breaking the Prison Pipeline: A Guide to Emerging and Promising Crisis Intervention Programs for Youth, to help inform advocates about existing crisis intervention programs for youth and what they can do to promote and implement such programs in their states and communities.

To download a copy of the guide, click here. Advocacy fact sheets are being developed to accompany the guide and will be posted online soon at NAMI's CIT Resource Center and Child and Adolescent Action Center.

For more information about NAMI's work on crisis intervention programs for youth, please contact Dana Markey, Program Coordinator, CAAC, or Laura Usher, CIT Coordinator.

News and Announcements

Bureau of Justice Assistance Second Chance Act Grants

On February 27, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), U.S. Department of Justice, released the solicitation for Second Chance Act grants to state and local governments for adult reentry demonstration projects.Read more...

2009 Federal Budget includes $10 million for MIOTCRA

The FY 2009 Federal domestic spending bill, passed in late February, includes $10 million for the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the Justice Department for programs authorized under the Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act (MIOTCRA). Read More...

4th Annual Upper Midwest CIT Conference

On April 22nd, the Barbara Schneider Foundation in Minneapolis will host a one-day regional CIT conference, with participants from states throughout the Upper Midwest. The program includes two keynote speakers, Dr. Xavier Amador and Lt. Michael Woody, as well as numerous workshops. Read More...

Consensus Project Updates Criminal Justice/Mental Health Infonet

The Criminal Justice/Mental Health Consensus Project recently upgraded its Infonet, an online database of information related to criminal justice and mental health projects. Read More...

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