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A Guide to Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
This guide offers consumers and family members basic information about how to navigate the criminal justice system.

The Advocacy Handbook Now Available
The Council of State Governments' (CSG) Criminal Justice / Mental Health Consensus Project released a new resource for advocates addressing the increasing numbers of people with mental illness involved in the criminal justice system, "The Advocacy Handbook: A Guide for Implementing Recommendations of the Criminal Justice / Mental Health Consensus Project."

CIT Tool Kit
This tool kit, written by Lt. Mike Woody (Retired) of Ohio, is a step by step instruction booklet for Crisis Intervention Team(CIT) training and implementation to be the most successful from the law enforcement perspective.

NAMI New Jersey Speakers Handbook
NAMI New Jersey shares their Speakers Handbook to assist you in speaking about mental illnesses and the CIT program.

In Need of Correction: The Prison Cycle of Health Care
Community Voices: HealthCare for the Underserved has published this report on a forum held on September 28, 2005 to highlight search from the October 2005 American Journal of Public Health.

Florida CIT Program Model
The Florida CIT Coalition developed this document to lay out the guiding principles for the Florida CIT program, based on the Memphis CIT Model. This document outlines for those communities who are conducting a CIT program or those who wish to implement CIT the core elements that they will subscribe to.