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Raising Mental Health Awareness Toolkit

Created specifically to support presentations about mental health to students on college campuses, Raising Mental Health Awareness is a toolkit that provides all of the resources necessary for a successful educational and discussion presentation.

Raising Mental Health Awareness was created as a tool for presenters to help them:

  • Educate college students about mental health.
  • Promote student awareness and discussion on an array of topics related to mental health.
  • Inform students about what resources are available in their campus community.

The toolkit includes a presentation guide, slides, fact sheets and resource templates as well as marketing and outreach templates. The toolkit is comprised of eight components that can be easily downloaded, many of which can be customized. Read through the Presenter Guide first to gain familiarity with the program.

Raising Mental Health Awareness—Educate Yourself and Educate Others

Raising Mental Health Awareness Marketing Supports

For a USB drive preloaded with this information or for questions on how to use the toolkit, more about NAMI on Campus clubs or other questions, please email

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