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Parents and Teachers as Allies Publication
Recognizing Early-onset Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents

NAMI is a grassroots, family and consumer organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with mental illnesses and their families.

NAMI created Parents and Teachers as Allies to help families and school professionals identify the key warning signs of early-onset mental illnesses in children and adolescents in our schools. It focuses on the specific, age-related symptoms of mental illnesses in youngsters. The publication is intended to provide an educational tool for advancing mutual understanding and communication between families and school professionals.

The publication includes the following sections:

  • Becoming allies: Reckoning with different perspectives;
  • The heart of the matter: Children robbed of childhood;
  • Keys to early recognition and treatment;
  • Learning and working together as allies;
  • Signs of early-onset mental illnesses in children and adolescents;
  • Understanding family reactions to mental illnesses and guidelines for helping families;
  • Navigating the referral process as allies;
  • Strengthening the alliance: How NAMI can help;
  • Resources for parents and teachers; and
  • References: Basic books and Web sites.

Parents and Teachers as Allies makes clear that families and school professionals are natural allies in working to ensure that youth with early-onset mental illnesses receive timely and appropriate treatment. NAMI looks forward to working with and supporting school professionals and families to improve the lives and educational outcomes of children with mental illnesses.

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