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"Legacy of Failure"
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Criminal Justice/Mental Health Consensus Project
Emergency Department Resource Toolkit
Employment and Income Supports
HIFA Waiver Policy Raises Concerns
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Margarent Stout's Testimony Regarding the FY 2005 Labor-HHS Appropriations
Medicaid Glossary
Medicaid: An Overview
Medicare Prescription Discount Card Now Available
NAMI Executive Director Testifies Before Senate Panel on Medicare Rx
NAMI Offers Testimony on the 2005 Budgets for the VA and HUD
NAMI Policy Research Institute Study Describes State Medicaid Disease Management Approaches
NAMI Presses CMS to Ensure that Atypical Antipsychotics are Included in the Upcoming Medicare Part B Competitive Acquisition Program (CAP)
NAMI Presses Congress for FY 2005 Funds for Mental Illness Research and Services
NAMI Provides Testimony to FDA Psychopharmacologic Drug Advisory Committee
NAMI Task Force Report on Seclusion and Restraints
NAMI's Advocacy Goals and Strategies
NAMI's Advocacy Goals and Strategies
NAMI's Position on Access to Medication
NAMI's Position on Seclusion and Restraints
New British Guidelines Advise Physicians on Treatment of Depression and Anxiety
Prescribing Privileges for Psychologists: NAMI's Advocacy Goals and Strategies
Psychiatric Advance Directives: An Overview
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Social Security Issues New Rules on Counting Income and Resources for SSI Recipients
State Budgets at the Crossroads
Statement of Carol Carothers on Behalf of NAMI: Juvenile Detention Centers - Are They Warehousing Children with Mental Illnesses?
The Federal Mental Health Courts Program
What Should You Do If You Experience Restraint And Seclusion Abuse?

"Ticket" Slow to Achieve Goal of Consumer Choice
1999 Law Addressing Disincentives To Work Falling Short of Expectations
Access to Medication: NAMI Advocacy Goals and Strategies
Background Information Regarding Medicaid Cuts
Background on Medicaid Budget "Reconciliation"
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Publications
Bill Addressing Criminalization Passed by Judiciary Committee, Sent to Full Senate
Bob Dole on the New Medicare Drug Benefit
Broken Promises and the Health Care Crisis: Children and Adolescents with Mental Illness
Budget Letter to Chairman Nussle
Budget Update: House to Take Up Budget Resolution Including $2.2 Billion in Medicaid Cuts
Bush Administration Proposal to Block Grant Section 8 Program Poses Threat to Housing Opportunities for Low-Income People with Mental Illnesses
Children and Adolescents Living with Mental Illness
CMS Advises Against Restricting Access to Medications
CMS Announces the Names of Plans Offering Coverage for the New Medicare Rx Benefit
Coalition Letter Regarding Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
Comments to CMS on the Medicare Regulations
Congress Clears $2.6 Trillion Budget Plan, $10 Billion in Cuts to Medicaid Included
Contact House Members Who Opposed Medicaid Budget Cuts
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Details on Actions by the HHS Medicaid Commission and Expected Actions in Congress
Details on Actions by the HHS Medicaid Commission and Expected Actions in Congress
Details on Medicaid Budget Reconciliation Package
EEOC Enforcement Guidance on the Americans with Disabilities Act and Psychiatric Disabilities
Effort Underway to Push House Leaders to Strip Proposed Medicaid Cuts from the Budget Resolution
Emergency Departments See Dramatic Rise in People with Mental Illness
Federal Funding for Mental Illness Research
Federal Funding for Mental Illness Research
FEHBP (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program)
GAO Recommends that VA Determine Capacity Needs for Veterans with PTSD
Government Site Explains New Medicare Drug Benefit
Grassley-Baucus Emergency Health Care Relief Package
House Allies Push for Suicide Prevention Funding
House and Senate Leaders Delay Action on Medicaid Proposals
House and Senate Set to Consider Legislation Reforming and Cutting Medicaid
House Passes Budget Resolution Including $2.2 Billion in Medicaid Cuts, Budget Plan Now Be Reconciled With the Senate
House Set to Vote on Changes to Medicaid
House to Consider Association Health Plan Legislation
Housing and Homelessness
Housing Update: Senate to Consider 2006 HUD Budget
Housing: An Overview
Housing: NAMI's Adovacy Goals and Strategies
Issues Section List
Key Provisions in Medicaid Budget Reconciliation Legislation
Learning from Each Other: Success Stories and Ideas for Reducing Restraint/Seclusion in Behavioral Health
Legislation to Address Chronic Homelessness and Mental Illness Introduced
Letter Opposing Medicaid Cuts Sent to House Leaders With 44 Signatures
Letter Regarding Medicare Conference Report: Senator Frist
MAPRx Website Now Available
Medicaid Funding of Mental illness Treatment
Medicaid Funding of Mental Illness Treatment
Medicaid Matters Website
Medicare Update: "Transition Plan" Guidance for Drug Coverage
Melville Charitable Trust
Mental Health Courts Survey
Mental Health Screening Will Save Lives
Mental Illness Insurance Parity
NAMI is grateful to Senator Collins (R-ME) for her leadership in addressing the tragedy of custody relinquishment
NAMI Letter to The Honorable Tommy G. Thompson Regarding the Final Privacy Rule, April 8, 2001
NAMI Position on Medicare Conference Report
NAMI Submits Comments on Department of Health and Human Services Medical Records Privacy Regulations
NAMI Submits Comments to CMS; USP Issues Final Classification Listing
NAMI Supports Governors' Recommendation on Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
NAMI’s Position on Housing
NAMI’s Position on Protection of Human Subjects
NAMI's June Poe Testifies at House Hearing on S. 1194
NAMI's Position on Children & Adolescents with Mental Illness
NAMI's Position on Parity
NAMI's Position on Prescribing Privileges for Psychologists
NAMI's Position on Psychiatric Advance Directives
NAtional Institute of Health (NIMH) Research Funding
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Research Funding
National Legislation
National Mental Health Association
New Studies in Medicaid Point to More Cost Containment Actions in 2005
NMHA Psychiatric Advance Directives Toolkit
Office for Human Research Protections
Opposition to Bush Administration Section 8 Reform Proposal
Oregon's Center for Evidence-Based Practice Program
Outline of the Final Report for the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
Over a Thousand National and State Organizations Strongly Oppose Medicaid Cuts
Prescribing Privileges for Psychologists: An Overview
President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
Promoting, Preserving, and Restoring Children's Mental Health
Proposed Federal Medical Privacy Standards (HIPPA)
Proposition 63 Passes in California
Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Regulations for Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Issued
Safeguards in the Use of Restraint and Seclusion
Seclusion and Restraints: NAMI Advocacy Goals and Strategies
Senate Action on Parity Legislation Expected Soon
Senate Approves FY 2004 Omnibus Appropriations Bill
Senate Committee Completes Action on Medicaid Legislation
Senate Committee Reports Spending Bill for Veterans and Housing Programs
Senate Committee to Move on Insurance Parity in 2004
Senate Completes Action on Medicaid Legislation; House Vote Set for Week of November 7
Senator Paul Wellstone Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act of 2003 (S. 486)
Senators Introduce Legislation Expanding Medicaid Assistance for Hurricane Katrina Victims
Social Security's Programs As a Barrier to Employment
State Fiscal Pressures to Intensify when Federal Financial Relief Expires in June
State Legislative Efforts
States with Psychiatric Advance Directives
Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC)
Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP)
The ADA: A Primer for Small Businesses
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
The Positive Aging Act of 2004
The Work Site
Threat to Section 8 Program Continues
Threat to Section 8 Program Continues
Ticket to Work Recommendations
Ticket to Work: Randall Bosin
TWWIIA Designed to Address Multiple Barriers
VA To Launch Evaluation of Services for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness
Veterans Day 2004: Take Action
Veterans Living with Severe Mental Illness
What Are Restraints and Seclusion?
Why a concern with Privacy of Medical Records?