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August 2010

NAMI Convention Coverage    

NAMI’s National Convention was June 30-July 3 in Washington, D.C. For those who missed it, there were several exciting sessions on criminal justice issues. Here are some highlights.

Decriminalizing Mental Illness:
Making the Case for Justice Reinvestment during Difficult Economic Times

Is your state experiencing a budget crisis? Unless you are very lucky, your state government is looking for ways to cut, and mental health services are probably at the top of the list. At the same time, most states are grappling with the ballooning costs of jails and prison.
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Implementing CIT Programs for School Resource Officers

NAMI has been part of a growing national effort to adapt the CIT model to better respond to children and youth in crisis. During this workshop, law enforcement leaders from two crisis intervention team (CIT) programs shared the challenges and successes their programs have faced in creating specialized CIT for Youth programs.                           
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CIT Special Networking Session: The Role of Top-down Leadership

NAMI advocates around the country have learned that successful crisis intervention team (CIT) programs are built on local partnerships. While grassroots advocacy on CIT is important, this year’s CIT special networking session highlighted how some community leaders can be powerful agents of change. Speakers at the session suggested strategies for building partnerships with chiefs and sheriffs, judges, mental health commissioners and attendees were invited to share their successes and challenges.
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Former Dallas Chief Kunkle Receives Sam Cochran Award

NAMI awarded the 2010 Sam Cochran Criminal Justice Award to Chief David Kunkle, of Dallas. 
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To Learn More

For more about the 2010 NAMI Convention, visit our Convention website, where you can review the program, read more conventionconvention coverage, and view handouts from selected sessions. You can also visit NAMILand, our online resources center with information about NAMI programs. Be sure to join us for the 2011 NAMI Convention, July 6–9 in Chicago!