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NAMI Education Program Manuals will now be sent electronically AND all new pages will be in your hands every year by December 15

After hearing from many states eager to save money by printing Family-to-Family, Basics, and Peer-to-Peer teacher/mentor manuals locally rather than ordering them from the NAMI office, states will now be able to download these documents electronically through the NAMI store for free.  We will no longer print and send teacher manuals from the NAMI Store. This is a new step for all of us and we sincerely appreciate the patience you have shown while we iron out the kinks!

The NAMI State Organizations will now be the gatekeeper for the teacher manual and copy set participant electronic files related to Family-to-Family, Basics, and Peer-to-Peer.  Some state offices may decide to centralize all printing and dissemination processes for these programs; others may wish to delegate this function to various large metro NAMI Affiliates who are running their own teacher trainings.  If a state wishes to delegate to a NAMI Affiliate, they must tell the appropriate program director at NAMI so we can provide the access coupon code to those selected sites.

 Remember:  We cannot provide the access code for the electronic files to any person or  NAMI Affiliate unless we are instructed to do so by the state office.  No individual teacher should be given the access code.  We encourage state offices to discuss this with the large metro sites as quickly as possible and let us know what NAMI Affiliates in their states are approved for a coupon for each program. 

Given that orders to NAMI for teacher manuals was our only way of knowing that a state was planning a teacher training, we will now ask the state program director to fill out and send us a program training notification form to let us know about  all NAMI program trainings scheduled in your state.