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Thank You NAMIWelcome to the NAMI Education and Peer Support Center.

NAMI national, state and affiliate organizations conduct a variety of free education and support programs across the nation.

Over the past 20 years, these programs have reached tens of thousands of family members and people living with mental illness, establishing NAMI as the national leader in peer-directed education.

From every quarter we hear about the beneficial impact of these programs, and we take pride in the dedication of the thousands of NAMI volunteers who devote so much of their time to teaching and presenting free peer education programs in their communities.

Everyone teaching our classes, facilitating support groups or making presentations to the public has direct lived experience of dealing with a mental illness, or caring for a loved one with mental illness, and all volunteers go through extensive training.

NAMI programs give you the opportunity to:

  • Speak with and get support from people living with mental illness who have discovered how to create and sustain their wellness.
  • Take a course from family members who know the emotional challenges of dealing with family trauma and know the value of education as the basis for effective advocacy for their loved one.
  • Listen to a presentation from someone in recovery, and find out first hand what it means to live with a mental illness.

Whether you are a person living with mental illness, a family member, a provider, or are simply interested in understanding more about mental illness, the NAMI Education, Training and Peer Support Center is here to help you learn about the process of recovery and provide you with the support you need.

Find information. Gain insight. Get Support.

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Contact the NAMI Affiliate nearest you to learn more about programs offered in your local community.

Contact NAMI ( for more information or call the NAMI HelpLine: (800) 950-NAMI

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