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Outreach Ideas from NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates ordering the free Education and Support Programs brochure

Check off as many you can do in your community



  • Annual educational conference
  • Black Psychiatrists Conference
  • Church packets
  • Circuit court judge’s office
  • CIT conference
  • Civic groups
  • Clinics
  • Community college
  • Community educational meetings
  • Community event sponsored by affiliate
  • Community wellness and fitness initiatives
  • Doctor/Psychiatrist/Psychologist/Therapist
  • Employee HR office
  • Exhibit at a state fair
  • Family and Consumer Support group resource tables
  • F2F classroom resource table
  • Gala dinner
  • Health Fairs
  • In folders to help potential funders understand all NAMI offers
  • In mailings from state NAMI office to affiliates
  • In packets with other NAMI, NIMH, and SAMSHA materials
  • Indian Tribes
  • Lenten lunches at local churches
  • Local shops (coffee shops, bookstores, etc.)
  • May is Mental Health community events
  • Meetings with other human services agencies
  • Mental health forums
  • Mental health ministry at church
  • MIAW community events and presentations
  • NAMI office waiting room resource table
  • NAMI on Campus club
  • NAMI Provider Education Course
  • NAMI tables at parent/teacher conferences
  • NAMIWalks sponsorship folders + display table the day of the event
  • Native American Suicide Prevention and Awareness Coalition
  • New NAMI member welcome packet
  • New board member orientations
  • Nursing students
  • Outreach project with affiliates meeting with different nonprofit groups which have historically not served the communities well, but where there is significant overlap (e.g., the DD community, GLBTQ youth, etc.) or populations that have been underserved.
  • Pharmacies
  • Presentation to case managers/social workers
  • School fairs
  • Social service offices
  • Social work classes at area university/college
  • Speaking at various organizations.
  • Supermarkets
  • TV interviews
  • Veterans Administration hospitals and medical centers
  • Waiting room of a MH Outpatient clinic
  • Warm line call packets
  • Women’s health fair

Here’s what some of the program leaders had to say about their outreach activity:

“We sent 100 out to college age kids that are studying to be teachers during an IOOV presentation.”  (Michele Veenker, NAMI Clackamas County, OR).

“We are getting ready to do some outreach with CIT and some community partners, and wanted to give them one of the brochures since they do a great job of giving an overview of our programs.”  (Farleigh Fitzgerald, NAMI Virginia)

“I would love to have brochures available to show at our Walk after party.  It is hosted by a big corporation.  I would like to show this brochure to their HR people who have been very supportive and very progressive with their MH benefits.”  (Jean Williams, Edmond, OK)

“I have the opportunity to present NAMI to the Gila River Indian Tribe.  They are interested in having a support group and F2F class on the reservation.”  (Robin Weber, Casa Grande, AZ)

“We just ended a F2F class this month and are looking to increase advocacy in the area.  It looks like this brochure would help us present a more organized picture of all NAMI is about and can offer.”  (Lynn Wilson, Moultrie, GA)

“We are working hard to reach out to Veterans and have partnered with the Red Cross for several events on being a Red Cross Armed Forces Day panel discussion for veterans, and there was a lot of interest in our NAMI programs.”  (Jeri Doherty, Sparta, NJ)

“We use the brochures when we do trainings, education classes, support groups, IOOV, and anytime we introduce ourselves in the community.”  (Joanne Abbott/Linda Williams, NAMI Indiana)

“We will use the brochures at “Urandale Night Out” – a festival of resources sponsored by the Urbandale Police Department.”  (Teresa Bomhoff, Des Moines, IA)

“We would like to have the brochure available at our Speaker Series which is open to the public.”  (Sharon McCarthy, Elmsford, NY)

“We will have brochures at a “Block Party” – a combined Minority Mental Health Month and Fourth of July Consumer Party – we expect about 100 to attend.”  (Phill Gunning, NAMI Lexington, KY)

“As a growing affiliate, we are very involved in outreach events.  Our county executive has convened a roundtable of high level persons in departments with contact with individuals to better coordinate care.  This month the roundtable focus will be on community supports.  This brochure is an ideal handout and reference tool.” (Mary Ellen McMillin, NAMI Anne Arundel County, MD)

“I work in the 2nd largest mental health agency in Virginia and we serve over 12,000 individuals a year.  I would use some brochures to educate staff and board members about NAMI, some to provide in waiting rooms and come for our Crisis Stabilization Center.”  (Cheryl DeHaven, Hampton, VA)

“We are educating our police and school district staff in our community and they’re very interest in learning about NAMI’s education programs.”  (Jane Cartmell, Bainbridge Island, WA

“I have been using the brochures in fundraising packets, at health fairs and hospitals, etc.  It’s a great overview of programs and is very professional visually.”  (Marsha Rodgers, NAMI Dallas, TX)

“I will be giving an oral summary on each program in the brochure so I think having the brochure is vital.”  (Kathleen Guerrero, NAMI San Joaquin Co., CA)

“We’ve been just given a fantastic opportunity by our Congressman to participate in a huge Veterans Fair he puts on here in his District.  They sent out 100,000 invites and notices into the community.  This is his 3rd year of doing something like this and I’m told last year’s was a big success. “  (Gloria Strother, NAMI Pasco, FL)

“We plan to include the brochures in our new member packets that we give out to those that attend our support groups for the first time.” (Jean Harris, NAMI Antelope Valley, CA)

“We are sending an IOOV speaker to man a NAMI information booth at a lunchroom in a local hospital as part of Mental Health Awareness month.”  (Julie Langbort, NAMI Massachusetts)

“NAMI Northern Illinois has been given a wonderful opportunity to present NAMI information to family members attending training at a large substance abuse treatment center.  We will be showing either the NAMI Basics or F2F Tribute videos every weekend to as many as 50 family members of people receiving treatment, and will have a table set up with resources.”  (Robin Garvey, NAMI Northern Illinois)

“I would like get some brochures to use in my position as a Peer Support Specialist with Region 6 and the Omaha police department.  I work with consumers who chronically call 911 and try to get them into services.  I have also given resource information to their families.  This brochure would be a great tool for me to use.”  (Julie Eggert, Omaha, NE)

“We are using the brochure with state Senators and others to explain what NAMI does – provided by grassroots volunteers.”  (Jonah Deppe, NAMI Nebraska)

“I plan on using the brochures as “Leave behind’s” when I do presentations on military installations concerning NAMI and its signature programs, also, in hopes to generate new membership.” (Samuel Hargrove, Henderson, NC)

“Used the brochure at a NAMI presentation for 150 Advanced Placement Psychology students (12th grade) doing a unit on mental health."  (Cheryl-Hayes, NAMI Livingston Co, IL)

“The brochures will be given out to consumers we visit weekly in crisis stabilization units and mental health  hospitals; consumers who don’t know about NAMI programs and don’t know where to turn once they are released from the CSU or  hospital.”  (Kathy Harkey, Doswell, VA)

“The brochures are colorful and attractive.  They give a very good and concise overview of the educational and support groups that NAMI offers.  I have had requests from several sources for more brochures.”  (Joan Schmehl, Emmaus, PA)

“We have placed a few in our NAMIWalks Sponsorship folders when sending out since sometimes the company or organization will not donate to the Walk but will consider granting funds to support our education programs.”  (Carolyn Hamilton, NAMI Metro Houston, TX)

“I am a F2F teacher and will give copies of the brochure to my employer, send to the talk radio show hosts in the Dallas area who I have called during nationally discussed mental health news…Tucson tragedy, Charlie Sheen’s public melt-down, etc.  I will send a note asking them to please get educated so when the news is reporting on incidents or issues, they will know how to discuss it and where to find experts to have on as guests.  I am in the process of sending out the book Crazy, by Pete Earley.  The brochure would be a perfect companion.  (Loretta Knickerbocker, Dallas, TX)

“We’re always looking for tools to use for our visits and presentations to diverse communities.”  (Joan Basista, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

“We feel that the brochure is a great addition to our Sponsorship brochure and really gives a professional quality to recruiting new sponsors.  We feel this is a valid request because the funds raised from our NAMIWalk go directly back into providing for all of these education and support programs.”  (Ashley Zugelter, NAMI Dallas, TX)

“We have a Stand Down for homeless veterans and providers and others in our community.  It’s a big all day event and the brochures will be displayed at this event.”  (Sue Marlowe, Columbus, GA)

"This brochure is a very effective recruiting and education tool to offer other committee members.”  (Kelly Trottier, Jackson, CA)