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First NAMI Multicultural Champions Conference Held

Recovery for All
December 2011

Multicultural Action Center Highlights of 2011

NAMI has been busy implementing its organizational Standards of Excellence, which will help us become a stronger at all levels. As part of this effort, the Multicultural Action Center hosted the "NAMI Better Together: Multicultural Champions Conference" in early April in Arlington, Va. specifically to address standards on diversity, inclusion and nondiscrimination. The participating delegations representing five states (California, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana and Tennessee) and each developed detailed plans of action to become more diverse and inclusive. Plans included efforts focused on cultural competence assessment, advisory group development and utilization, cultural competence trainings and targeted community outreach.

Enjoy the photo gallery below, featuring the energetic and enthusiastic individuals that became NAMI's first group of Multicultural Champions of the Standards of Excellence:

 Getting to know you Getting to know you   Energizing break 
 Dance break              Becoming a champion  Maryland and California delegations cohort discussion
 Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee delegations cohort discussion  Lesson on breaking down barriers  Sustaining our connection closing activity

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