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NAMIWalks Partners with Sunrise Premiums

We are excited to announce a new partnership with a travel promotions firm, Sunrise Premiums, for 2011. Sunrise is providing NAMIWalks with travel packages valued at approximately $240,000 to be used to recognize Team Captains at select sites whose local teams are successful in raising at least $1,000 of online revenue in support of NAMIís mission to improve the lives of persons living with a mental illness.

A limited number of spring WALK sites meeting specific qualifications have been invited to participate in this unique effort. Due to the limitations of the agreement with our partner and the large size of our program, we are unable to offer this opportunity to all of our NAMIWalk sites at this time.

Please check out the site nearest you to see if you are eligible to participate in this new partnership.

Participating sites will have the Sunrise Premiumsí company logo on their web site.