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May 2012

Unlikely Allies in the Fight for Mental Health Services: Criminal Justice Leaders Speak Out

By Laura Usher, CIT Program Manager

If you have existing partnerships with your local police, court personnel or other criminal justice leaders, they can be powerful allies in fighting for mental health services in your community. Consider tapping these relationships when you are advocating for mental health funding with state and local policymakers.

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Treatment, not Jail: Forensic Assertive Community Treatment

When it comes to keeping people with mental illness out of jail, some interventions are more effective than others.

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A Change in Perspective: A First Responder on Experiencing Mental Illness                    

A Q&A with former firefighter and EMT Bryan Sanderson, who helps law enforcement understand what it’s like to experience psychosis.

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Veterans Courts Spread Across the Nation

On May 30, the nation’s largest gathering of veterans’ treatment court professionals kicks off in Nashville, Tenn.

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