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Training of Trainers 2014 Pre-Training Component

Congratulations on beginning your journey to becoming a State Trainer! In an effort to make the most of your time and to provide a good foundation for what you're about to learn, we are providing information for you to read over in advance.

Please note: it is mandatory that you read this information and complete the assessment by March 30th. Because this pre-training component is mandatory, only those who complete it will receive a graduation certificate after the Training of Trainer event.

We recommend that you set aside approximately 15 minutes to read each module. The 12-question assessment should take approximately 5 minutes.

DUE DATE: May 30, 2014 


Please click on all three links below to read the information [if necessary, disable your pop-up blocker]: 

Module 1: Trauma Lecture
Module 2: Heart of the Training 
Module 3: Heart of the Training 


Modulo 1: Introduccion al Modelo Educativo del Trauma
Módulo 2: Conceptos & habilidades del proceso grupal
  Modulo 3: Cualidades del líder que son utiles en los programas de NAMI 


Please take this assessment after reading all three (3) modules above.

TT 2014 Pre-Training Assessment

TT 2014 Pre-Training Assessment- Spanish: You must click on "Espanol" in the top left corner. 

You will receive reminder emails if your pre-training component is incomplete or you haven't completed it yet.

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