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Voices of CIT

 Learn about CIT from the source: officers, individuals and families affected by CIT.

A Cop’s Story of Courage and Hope

Retired police officer Eric Weaver battled PTSD, suicide and other mental illnesses. He says, “Officers are only people. People that are asked to do a very tough job, but people nonetheless.”


Ask a Cop: CIT Changes the Way Law Enforcement Respond in a Crisis 
Our contributors answer the questions: Why did you get involved in CIT? What’s makes a CIT officer’s response different in a crisis?

Ask A Cop: Avoiding Arrest During a Mental Health Crisis
Ask a Cop is a new column produced by NAMI’s CIT Center, answering common questions about law enforcement and mental health issues. This column provides advice on avoiding an arrest.


A Change in Perspective: A First Responder on Experiencing Mental Illness 

A Q&A with former firefighter and EMT Bryan Sanderson, who helps law enforcement understand what it’s like to experience psychosis.

CIT and Veterans: An Officer’s Perspective

A Q&A with Officer Bob Tutko, Memphis Police Department Crisis Intervention Team.

A Training Officer’s Perspective on CIT

An interview with Johnny K. Jines, a patrol sergeant and 27 year veteran of the Jackson (Tenn.) Police Department.