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National Board of Directors 2011-2017

Janet Edelman

Janet Edelman

Janet Edelman is a member of NAMI Howard County, Maryland. As an individual directly impacted by the support NAMI can give she would like to strengthen NAMI at the national, state and local levels through the successful implementation of chartering and re-affiliation.

She would like to help NAMI expand its membership and improve its computer systems.

She has served on NAMI Maryland affiliate boards since 1983. She joined NAMI Maryland in 1985, where she has served in positions including, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public policy chair and webmaster.

She is the immediate past president of NAMI Howard County and serves on the NAMI Maryland public policy committee.

Edelman formerly spent most of her career as a manager in information systems, working for two regional banks for a total of 34 years.

She is also the president of the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center Outpatient Research Program Advisory Committee.