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Sharing Hope: Updated Materials and New Implementation Grant Sites

Recovery for All
May 2010

In February, we shared with you that the NAMI Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health initiative is continuing to flourish. Now we are happy to announce that the Sharing Hope materials have been updated and we have begun working with four new grant sites.

The 2010 revised edition of the Sharing Hope toolkit, now available to NAMI state organizations and local affiliates, includes even more detailed information and tools to assist coordinators and presentation facilitators in successfully engaging congregations. In their first year with the Sharing Hope initiative, the eight 2009 implementation grantees made great strides in developing partnerships with African-American congregations. Through these efforts, they were able to provide the Multicultural Action Center with invaluable evaluation data and feedback that informed these revisions.

We are proud to announce our 2010 grant sites, selected last month, who will work with the Multicultural Action Center to expand and continue to evaluate the Sharing Hope initiative:

• NAMI Central Virginia
• NAMI Connecticut
• NAMI Lexington (Ky.)
• NAMI Oklahoma
• NAMI Southeastern Arizona

We congratulate our new grant sites and look forward to working with them as well as all NAMI state organizations and affiliates working with the Sharing Hope initiative. All NAMI sites working with Sharing Hope are supported by the Multicultural Action Center and receive technical assistance upon request.

The NAMI Multicultural Action Center developed Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health in 2008 to assist NAMI in reaching out and partnering with African-American congregations.  The initiative aims to strip away stigma and facilitate important discussions about mental illness support within these congregations. Visit the NAMI Web site for more information.

Contact us to express your interest in taking part in the Sharing Hope initiative.