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Program Documents and Other Resources


2013 Presenter Manual Summary of Page Changes 

2013 Trainer Manual Summary of Page Changes 

2012 Summary of Page Changes 

Presenter Resources

2013 Presenter Cards 

Time Cards - to warn presenters when time is running out

Audience Evalution - to hand out at a presentation

Refresher Training Outline 

Trainer Resources

Pre-Training Letter 

Training Pre-Meeting Flyer 

IOOV Train 

Presenter Certificate

Coordinator Resources

General Overview of IOOV 

Background of the IOOV Program 

Policies, Procedures and Best Practices 

Coordinator Tools

Sample Budget 

Sample Press Release 

Transportation Sheet Template 

Checklist for Trainings - some peices are outdated, please contact NAMI for training preparation details while we update this document!

IOOV Ambassador Info Sheet NEW! - reminder sheet for presenters to have on hand

IOOV Coordinator Post-Training Checklist NEW! - important step to take with newly trained presenters

Presentation Scheduling Tool 

Materials Overview 

Venue Outreach Letter Template 

Cover Letter to Potential Applicants 

Presenter Application 

Interview Screening Tool 

Program Data

Reporting Data 

Print-Ready Copy of Data Reporting Form (2013)

Accessing Reported Data (for NAMI State or Affiliate Organization Program Directors/Coordinators)

Ordering Program Materials - Only NAMI State and Affiliate Organizations can order through Bob directly. All materials (with the exception of trainer manuals) can also be printed locally by downloading manuals from the NAMI store. Please contact your state organization to access digital manual materials.