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This e-publication was created by the NAMI Multicultural Action Center to offer timely information and updates on the activities, resource development and projects surrounding diverse cultural issues in mental health. NAMI has chosen to elevate attention on these topics by merging content of what was a separate newsletter into our flagship e-publication, NAMI Now, along with news from the former e-Advocate and NAMI FaithNet as part of a digest of NAMI’s top news neatly packaged and delivered directly to your email inbox. Formerly called Recovery for All, the NAMI Multicultural Action Center News Update is delivered to interested individuals as a simplified and informal monthly email.

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July 2013:  National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 2013 Celebration

May 2013: Celebrating Children's Mental Health Awareness Day (May 9) and Week (May 5-11) with featured stories and resources for youth and young adults.

April 2013: NAMI's official partnership of Lifetime's "Call Me Crazy: A Five Film" features a call to action for individuals and families living with mental illness to help shed light on mental illness and encourage understanding and conversation.

March 2013: Announcement of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month's 2013 web series to help you plan and participate

February 2013: Black History Month—Honoring our Health and Heritage

December 2012: NAMI's "You Are Not Alone in This Fight" campaign and response to Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragety

November 2012: Native American Heritage Month special focus;, featured news, "For Many, 'Superstorm' Sandy Could Take Toll on Mental Health;" Survey analysis report, "Race/Ethnicity and Self-Reported Levels of Discrimination and Psychological Distress, California, 2005" and more.

October 2012: "Why I Vote for Mental Health Care (and More)," "Interviewer-perceived Honesty as a Mediator of Racial Disparities in the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia" and more recent news highlights. 

September 2012: NAMI Multicultural Action Center News Update's new monthly round-up of news, resources and news debut edition.

July 2012: The final issue of Recovery for All as one of NAMI's main e-newsletters. This issue highlights a boost in social media efforts new to National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in 2012, features recently released resources and research and celebrates recognition and new roles for NAMI champions of diversity and inclusion in mental health recovery.

May 2012: In honor of National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day 2012 (May 9), this issue features personal stories and histories of experiences of youth and young adults involved in NAMI, current research in interest of better supporting the mental health of diverse youth and recent and upcoming new resources that aim to strengthen and empower youth.

December 2011: A look back at our accomplishments this year and plan for an exciting 2012. With this issue, we give thanks to our readers for  continuous interest in our efforts and involvement with us in support of showcasing strengths and addressing mental health needs of diverse communities.

July 2011: A special issue celebrating National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 2011 including new resources, perspectives of NAMI's Diversity and Inclusion Work Group and highlights of activities happening in honor of this special month. Announcements include availability of new Asian American and Pacific Islander mental health resources in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese, a new tool for CIT efforts among youth populations, upcoming events and external articles of interest regarding diverse populations and National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

March 2011: featuring NAMI's recently released report on Asian American and Pacific Islander mental health and related video; updates and growth of Sharing Hope, NAMI's outreach and education initiative targeting partnerships with African American faith communities; the 1st anniversary of; the Spring 2011 issue of ¡Avanzamos!, honoring the 20th anniversary of Family-to-Family; announcements featuring Rebbie Jackson, Yashi Brown and Stephen Puibello; and upcoming events including the NAMI 2011 Convention in Chicago.

December 2010: We thank our readers for your support throughout the past year and, as is our tradition in the year-end issue, provide highlights of the Multicultural Action Center's activities of 2010 as well as preview plans for 2011. This issue also includes links to some great resources on health reform impacts on diverse communities, a listing of upcoming events and opportunities of interest.

August 2010: This issue features a recap of activities that took place throughout National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (July 2010), celebrates a NAMI leader honored during Faces and Voices of Recovery's America Honors Recovery awards program, great new resources you won't want to miss and a variety of upcoming events.

May 2010: featuring StrengthofUs, the new young adult social networking Web site; Tenemos Voz, the recently formed National Latino Consumer Network; NAMI 2010 Convention plans; an update on Sharing Hope, the NAMI African American faith-based outreach initiative; a touching personal story from an Ohio legislator from NAMI Ohio's StigmaBuster e-publication; and links to new resources and upcoming events.

February 2010:  Learn more about NAMI's State Advocacy 2010 initiative, find resources to start planning for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, find out what's happening with the Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health African American faith-based outreach and education initiative and the NAMI Diversity & Inclusion Work Group. This issue comes with links to new resources including the NAMI Hearts & Minds wellness education resources, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center's new Native resources web portal and many upcoming events with a variety of cultural emphases.

December 2009:  The year-in-review issue. This issue reflects upon some highlights of the 2009 activities and efforts of the Multicultural Action Center, includes some current announcements and a look-ahead at our plans for 2010. With this issue we acknowledge our deep appreciation for the efforts, help and support of our partners and friends throughout the NAMI grassroots and beyond. Without it we could not accomplish all that we do as we strive toward making recovery in mental health a reality for all.

August 2009: Featuring a recap of events and efforts made across the country during Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 2009, Mental Illness Awareness Week 2009, new resources and upcoming events--many focused on Latino mental health during Hispanic Heritage Month.

June 2009: This special issue covers the release of the proceedings report of the 2009 NAMI American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Mental Health Listening Session, includes information on the upcoming NAMI Tennessee Native American Summit and highlights national AI/AN mental health conferences, the NAMI 2009 Convention and National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. 

March 2009: The first 2009 issue of Recovery for All features articles on cultural competence scoring for NAMI's Grading the States 2009 report, the NAMI American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Listening Session, as well as the upcoming 2009 NAMI Convention, new resources from the NAMI Multicultural Action Center and a list of upcoming events. 

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