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Program Documents and Other Resources

2015 NAMI Signature Program Policies 

Manuals - 2014 is the most current version. Update your current manual with the 2015 policies.

2014 Presenter Manual Page Changes- Please note that there are no content changes for 2014. This document contains the 2014 cover and the new introduction, which contains the new policies and code of conduct, and an updated audience evaluation.

2014 Trainer Manual Page Changes- Please note that there are no content changes for 2014. This document contains the 2014 cover and the new introduction, which contains the new policies and code of conduct, an updated data survey and an updated audience evaluation.

Cover Pages (color) and Spines 

Presenter Resources

2013 Presenter Cards 

Time Cards - to warn presenters when time is running out

IOOV Train - Program Metaphor

Audience Evaluation of Presentation, 2013 version

Audience Evaluation of Presentation in Spanish, 2013

Report Presentation Data 

Instructions for reporting the data 

IOOV Ambassador Info Sheet - reminder sheet for presenters to have on hand

Presenter Post-Presentation Checklist - recently updated! created by NAMI SC State Trainer Janie Simpson

Trainer Resources

Standard two-day statewide training agenda 

Training Evaluation 

Pre-Training Letter  

Training Pre-Meeting Flyer 

Presenter Certificate 

Coordinator Resources

NAMI State Organization Program Director/Coordinator Data Site

Report a State Training

General Overview of IOOV 

Background of the IOOV Program 

IOOV Best Practices (2013) 

NAMI New York Development Guide - Tips and best practices gathered from six affiliates in New York

Hot Potato Questions - can be used as a presenter refresher role play

NAMI South Carolina Presenter Refresher  - Volume 1; created by State Trainer Janie Simpson 

Sample Refresher Training Agenda 

Program Materials

Ordering Program Materials - Only NAMI State and Affiliate Organizations can order through program materials. All materials (with the exception of trainer manuals) can also be printed locally by downloading manuals from the NAMI store. Please contact your state organization to access digital manual materials. Manuals, inlcuding trainer manuals, may be order through USA Print and Copy as well as the NAMI Store (new in 2014).


One-page Customizable Marketing Flyer 

One-page Customizable Marketing Flyer (in Spanish) / Volante Personalizable de En Nuestra Propia Voz de NAMI - NEW! 

Sample Budget, yearly budget examples for offering IOOV

Training Preparation Cheat Sheet 

Transportation Sheet Template 

Presentation Scheduling Tool

Sample Presenter Profile 

Presenter Application 

Interview Screening Tool 

Interview Screening Tool (in Spanish) / herramienta de examina nuevos presentadores - NEW! 

IOOV Coordinator Post-Training Checklist - important step to take with newly trained presenters

Example Documents

Sample Press Release, call for speakers

Outreach Letter, use to recruit venues to at which to present

Cover Letter to Potential Applicants 


Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Consumer Delivered Anti-Stigma Program, PSJ Winter 2010 - This study evaluated IOOV using Masters of Social Work students to measure changes in attitude, knowledge and social distance after the IOOV presentation. The findings further support the effectiveness of IOOV and indicated that graduate level helping professionals can benefit from anti-stigma programs.

The Impact of In Our Own Voice on Stigma, American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilition 2008 - This study examined the effectiveness of IOOV compared to psychoeducation, in regards to bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, schizophrenia and general mental illness. The study concluded that the IOOV presentation significantly decreased stigma for bipolar disorder, unipolar depression and general mental illlness compared to psychoeducation.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Consumer-Provided Mental Health Recovery Education Program, PSJ Summer 2006 - This study investigated the effectivess of IOOV in improving knowledge and attitudes about mental illnesses. The study used undergraduate students. The findings indicated that the IOOV group showed significant positive change across time, as well as significantly greater improvements in their knowledge and attitude scores than the group that particiated in a presentation about psychology careers.

Program Data

Reporting Data 

Print-Ready Copy of Data Reporting Form (2013)

Accessing Reported Data (for NAMI State or Affiliate Organization Program Directors/Coordinators)


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