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Implementing CIT

Getting Started

Community partnerships are the key to a successful CIT program. Only by working together can law enforcement, mental health providers and advocates improve the way a community responds to a mental health crisis.

  • To learn about CIT, read through our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • For NAMI members and community leaders, our CIT Advocacy Toolkit includes basic information on CIT and criminalization, fundraising tools, a guide to building community partnerships and media talking points.
  • For detailed, step-by-step information on starting a CIT program in your community, the University of Memphis CIT Center has comprehensive resources to help you start a program, including a step-by-step guide to building partnerships and a model curriculum. These resources were developed in partnership with NAMI, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and CIT International and with the input of CIT programs nationwide.

Other Resources     

CIT Basics


Community Engagement



CIT for Youth