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State Program Directors/Coordinators

          Best Practices in Volunteer management- Sarah Steadman from NAMI Virginia - October 2014

NAMI Convention 2014 Recap and Updates to Policies and Procedures - September 2014 

Training Refreshers: Keeping Volunteers Engaged, Engergized and Excited about NAMI Programs - August 2014

NAMI 360, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and Compartiendo Esperanza - July 2014

Fidelity and flexibility in NAMI programs - June 2014

Using and Leveraging your NAMI Participation Data - May 2014

Reaching out to Underserved Populations - April 2014

Marketing Strategies: How to Increase Program Impact in your Community - March 2014

Utilizing New Technology: What is NAMI 360? Everything you need to know but were too afraid to ask - February 2014

How to Handle Conflict and Challenging Situations - January 2014

How Chartering Affects NAMI Programs and How to Engage a Younger Audience - November 2013

NAMI Program Listing Tool - September 2013

NAMI Program Leader Tools and How to Provide Effective Communication with NAMI Affiliates - July 2013

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community inclusion within NAMI through programs coordination - June 2013

Program Coordination with NAMI Affiliates- May 2013

Updates and Check In- April 2013

Using NAMI Signature Programs to attract younger audiences- March 2013

Overview of Code of Conduct and Volunteer Management Strategies- Feb. 2013

Overview of New Intranets, Data Reporting Site and Policies - Jan. 2013 

Family Support Group

Technical Assistance Conference Call for NAMI Family Support Group Facilitators- September 2014


Facilitators Conference call- September 2014

Facilitators Conference call-  October 2014

Facilitators Conference Call- November 2014

 Family to Family

Conference call (Teachers: Suicide prevention checklists)- October 2014

Conference call (Program Directors/Coordinators: Suicide prevention checklists)- October 2014

Conference call (Teachers)- June 2014

Conference call (Program Directors)- June 2014


Conference call (Program Directors/Coordinators, Teachers)- October 2014

Ending the Silence

Conference call (Coordinators & Presenters)- July 2014

Conference call (Coordinators & Presenters)- October 2014

In Our Own Voice

Conference call Refresher (Presenters)- May 2014

Conference call (Trainers)- November 2014

Parents & Teachers as Allies

Conference call (Coordinators & Presenters)- May 2014

Conference call (Coordinators & Presenters)- October 2014

Peer to Peer

Conference call (Mentors)- May 2014

Conference call (Mentors)- November 2014

Latino Networking Group

Conference call- October 2014

Conference call- August 2014

Convention- September 2014