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NAMI’s Multicultural & International Outreach Partners Coalition

NAMI’s Multicultural & International Outreach Center is bringing together a cadre of national and international partners to join NAMI and its members in meeting the mental health needs of individuals from diverse communities. The primary role of the NAMI MIO Partner Coalition is to support community organizations and NAMI organizations in grassroots activities aimed at addressing mental health needs of racial, ethnic and cultural diverse groups.

By developing and maintaining relationships with organizations that already meet many of the needs of these individuals, NAMI MIO Partners will provide immediate access to community members and opportunities for improved understanding and policies addressing the research, treatment, services, and support needs of these individuals.

NAMI MIO Partner Coalition members will also act as advisors to the Center on strategic initiatives and opportunities. The goal is to ensure that people from all races, cultures, and ethnic groups with mental illness receive the best and most appropriate treatment and services that are available. We hope to eliminate stigma and discrimination, shape governmental policies to better meet the needs of people with mental illness and their family members and ensure that these individuals live with dignity and respect regardless of their ethnic, racial or cultural identities.

Partner Benefits:

  • Networking with multicultural and multinational coalition members
  • Assistance with addressing mental health needs of organization constituents
  • Collaboration on community projects with NAMI’s state organizations and local affiliates
  • Use of NAMI’s educational materials for coalition organization’s constituents
  • Collaboration on special projects
  • Potential for joint funding opportunities
  • Access to leading information on mental illness
  • NAMI support of advocacy issues relevant to diverse cultures, races and ethnic groups
  • Co-sponsoring of special events

For more information or to become a Coalition Partner
contact us at NAMI_MIO@NAMI.ORG.

Current Partners:

Alianza Nacional de Salud Mental (Mexico)

American Psychiatric Association

APOIAR (Brazil)

Asian Community Mental Health Services

Asociacion Argentina de Ayuda a la Persona que Padece de Esquizofrenia y su Familia (APEF)

Asociación Maníaco Depresivos (Colombia)

Asociación Salvadoreña de Familiares y Amigos de Pacientes Esquizofrénicos

Black Psychiatrists of America

Fundacion Luz y Vida (Paraguay)

Health Watch Information and Promotion Service, Inc.


Latino Behavioral Health Institute

Massachusetts Mental Health Services Program for Youth

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association

National Council of La Raza

National Latino Behavioral Health Association

National Medical Association

National Organization of People of Color Against Suicide

New Jersey Assian Association for Human Services, Inc.

New Jersey Mental Health Institute

Student National Medical Association

The Alliance for the Mentally Ill of R.O.C., Taiwan

The Depression and Anxiety Support Group

Zenkaren (Japan)