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Review of General Psychiatry, 4th Edition

Edited by Howard H. Goldman, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Review by David Seaman for the NAMI Literature Committee

Most of the 58 contributing authors of this psychiatric textbook practice and teach psychiatry at leading medical centers around the country; some are in private practice. The chapter on psychiatric diagnosis, by Dr. Goldman, includes a glossary of psychiatric signs and symptoms that lay readers will find particularly helpful. The book incorporates the complete diagnostic criteria as listed in the DSM-VI, which makes it especially useful for diagnosis and classification of the various disorders. While written for medical students, most of the book's content is readily accessible to the informed lay person. Review of General Psychiatry, 4th Edition would be an excellent reference for AMI affiliates, and it should also be available in public libraries.

Review of General Psychiatry, 4th Edition is published by Appleton and Lange (1995). It is available at bookstores. $32.95.