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2003 Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards

NAMI is pleased to announce the winners of the 2003 Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards. These awards honor psychiatrists who have made a substantial contribution in serving people with mental illnesses in the field of geriatric psychiatry. These recipients are the doctors that have gone the extra mile with NAMI members and others whether it be in providing quality clinical care for often under-served populations; ensuring the meaningful involvement of family members and consumers in treatment; in advancing research and advocating for adequate services and funding, and other NAMI priorities that help to improve the lives of people with mental illnesses

2003 Honorees

The following are Exemplary Psychiatrists in the field of geriatric psychiatry, chosen by NAMI leaders from among our 1,200 local and state affiliates:

James Bayliss, MD

Samuel Brown, MD

Joseph Burkett, MD

Charles H. Cahn, MD

Lian Shen Chang, MD

Thomas Gray, MD

Daniel Hooberman, MD

Rodney A. Houghton, MD

Leela R. Pulim, MD

Charles F. Reynolds III, MD

Martha Sajatovic, MD

Jyoti R. Shah, MD, DFAPA

Mary Sheehan, MD

Ron Sterling, MD

Lynn Thomas, MD

Anthony Jay Thornton, MD


The following are honorable mentions selected for their significant contributions to geriatric psychiatry:

Allan Anderson, MD Peter Aupperle, MD

Nathan Billig, MD Josepha Cheong, MD

Carl Cohen, MD Gene Cohen, MD

Christopher Colenda, MD, MPH Sanford Finkel, MD

Brent Forester, MD Blaine Greenwald, MD

Douglas Kalunian, MD Gary Kennedy, MD

Melinda Lantz, MD Susan Leiff, MD

Robert Marin, MD Gary Moak, MD

David Oslin, MD Jules Rosen, MD

Elliott Stein, MD Joel Streim, MD

Sandra Swantek, MD Lea Watson, MD




 Enjoying the breakfast buffet.


 Listening to the presentation.


Dr. Lian Shen Cheng accepting her award certificate from NAMI Board President, Jim McNulty.


 A few of the winners with Jim McNulty and speaker, Dr. Steve Bartels.