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NAMI Legal Center - Who We Are

The NAMI Legal Center advocates for the rights of individuals with severe mental illnesses. Our Legal Center works both independently and collaborates with private attorneys, legal service organizations, mental health and consumer advocacy organizations on projects of mutual interest.

Our Core Projects focus on:

  • Criminalization of People with Severe Mental Illnesses:
    • Jail Diversion Strategies, including Police Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) teams & Mental Health Courts;
    • Access to treatment for inmates with serious mental illnesses;
    • Discharge planning & transitional services; and
    • Training of Law Enforcement & Court Personnel.

  • NAMI Law and Science Center - - The Center was created to provide technical assistance to lawyers suing third party public and private sector payers to promote unrestricted access to medications. The Center provides technical assistance on clinical, legal and health economics issues to lawyers representing people with mental illnesses or their families in pertinent cases, with a particular focus on linking lawyers with information, materials and experts needed to advance their cases and access to medications.

  • Amicus Briefs/Litigation Support in cases broadly impacting on access to services and the rights of persons with serious mental illnesses.

  • Technical assistance to NAMI members on legal issues impacting persons with serious mental illnesses and their families.

Unfortunately the NAMI Legal Center is not able to provide individual representation in legal matters. However, we maintain a lawyer referral panel and may be able to refer you to an attorney for representation. If you are interested in a lawyer referral, please click here.