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II. Interests of the Amici

Amici include a variety of local, state and national groups such as: organizations representing people with mental illness and their families; organizations of mental health professionals; organizations which provide services and advocacy for people with mental illness, for people with disabilities generally, and for homeless people; lawyers specializing in mental health issues; criminal defense lawyers for the indigent; and public policy advocates. On certain issues some of these groups vehemently disagree with one another, but this diverse group of amici stand united on the issues presented by this appeal.

Amici are uniquely qualified to discuss the issues presented by this case, including what constitutes appropriate mental health treatment for inmates with mental illness. The outcome of this case will have a profound impact not only on the plaintiffs and members of the class, but also on the millions of individuals with mental illness, their families and their communities. By this brief, amici will put the legal issues presented by this appeal into historical and social context.