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The following indicates corrections to lines in the printed edition of this report that have been made in this online version.  The online edition is otherwise identical to the printed.

  • Brief Overview of Methodology, page 28, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph:  delete "10%" and "19%" and after "Unmasked scoring" insert ""29%."
  • Colorado State Narrative, page 48, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence:  replace "place" with "part."
  • Montana State Narrative, page 111, 2nd column, 5th paragraph, 1st and 2nd sentences:  replace "CIT" with "ACT."
  • Rhode Island State Narrative, page 150, 1st column, "Urgent Needs" box:  delete "Open formulary."
  • Georgia State Narrative, page 64, 1st column, 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence, replace "pharmacist" with "physician."
  • Virginia State Narrative, page 172, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph,  2nd sentence, replace "Reinhardt" with "Reinhard."
  • Idaho State Narrative, page 69, 2nd column, 7th paragraph, 2nd sentence, after "application," insert: "within the public adult mental health system,"