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Help Fight Cuts to Housing Program Targeted to People With Mental Illness and Other Disabilities – Funding for HUD Section 811 At Risk

When Congress begins work on the FY 2007 budget for the Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD) in a few weeks, it will consider a Bush Administration proposal to make deep cuts to the HUD Section 811 program.  This is the 2nd consecutive year that significant reductions have been proposed for a critical affordable housing resource that serves non-elderly people with severe disabilities, including serious mental illness.  Last year, Congress rejected a similar proposal and fully restored funding for Section 811.  It is critically important that Congress again step forward to restore the proposed 50% cut to overall funding, and near elimination of funding for new supportive housing units.

Click here to view a sample letter to Members of Congress

Click here to view background on the HUD Section 811 program and the proposed HUD budget for FY 2007

Click here to view NAMI’s testimony to the House Appropriations Committee on the FY 2007 HUD budget

Increase Proposed for Homeless Programs

One bright spot in the proposed budget for housing programs is a Bush Administration request to increase funding for homeless programs under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  Under the Bush Administration’s proposal, homeless funding would be boosted by $209 million, up to a total of $1.536 billion.  NAMI strongly supports this proposed increase as critical to continued progress toward ending chronic homelessness by 2012.  The sample letter referenced above includes a request for Congress to support this proposed increase for homeless programs.