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Eliminating Disparities: Multicultural Strategic Summit 

June 28-July 2, 2006 at the NAMI National Convention in Washington, DC

The culmination of five years of the Multicultural Action Center's efforts, the Multicultural Strategic Summit brought together advocates of all cultures from across the nation to address the current disparities in mental health care that affect communities of color.  The result was valuable discussion of viable solutions to the myriad of barriers to access and quality of treatment faced by ethnic minority communities. 

The Summit focused on issues specifically relevant to the African American, Asian American, Latino, American Indian and Alaska Native communities with workshops devoted to each community. The communities were discussed in conjunction in the Summit Plenary and Round Table Discussion sessions. The Summit ended with an inspirational and expressive Town Hall Meeting that provided over 50 action items for a national advocacy plan.

The development of the national advocacy plan centered on four areas of priority established through the Multicultural Taskforce Meeting held Wednesday, June 28. 

The priority areas include:

  • Fostering a culturally competent workforce
  • Promoting publicly available information on community education and research
  • Further empowering families and consumers
  • Enhancing the quality of care and access for traditionally underserved populations

With the support of organizations across the nation, the Multicultural Action Center is taking the action plan further and it will be soon released as a formal report.

Multicultural Summit Schedule

View the schedule of events that were a part of the Multicultural Strategic Summit.

Multicultural Summit Resource CD

Materials included on the resource CD given to Summit participants are now available below. For more information about the Multicultural Summit or the action plan, please contact

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