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Arrange IOOV Training

When it is decided that there is need and support to implement the IOOV program, the first step is to contact the NAMI National IOOV Director.  The contact person’s name is then put on record for program implementation interest.  There are two phases in getting ready for a training.


PHASE I: Preliminary Information Packet – Send to NAMI National

  • Provide a Letter of Support from the State Board of Directors expressing acknowledgement of the intention of the program implementation request.
  • Identify a minimum of 12-16 consumers who will be available for the training.The maximum limit is set to insure the capability to accommodate all trainees to participate fully during the two-day training.Most trainers and coordinators have found that 12 – 14 trainees is a good number for training purposes.
  • Whether a local or state NAMI host the training: A Program Coordinator must be identified to be responsible for the program in the state or region.A written commitment must be signed by the Coordinator agreeing to a one year term.Said Coordinator must also agree to use all certified presenters at least twice within the calendar year.The position may be paid or volunteer upon the discretion of the budget.A proposed budget is available as an example of how to support a paid coordinator.
  • It is imperative to have a specific plan in place on continuing budget support of the IOOV inititiative.A grant proposal template is available on the NAMI National Web site.Original proposals are also permitted.The funding proposal may be submitted to potential funders.
  • Fidelity to this program is of utmost importance.The host NAMI must maintain 100% fidelity to the guidelines set by the NAMI National Program Model.Methods of program fidelity management include monthly coordinator calls, reports and participation through the Living With list serv (designated for coordinator interaction and announcements) and phone communication with the National office.The National office must be notified of any change regarding a newly appointed coordinator to ensure duties are explained and proper communication channels are maintained. 

PHASE II: Setting up the Training

After preliminary information has been obtained by the National Program Director of “In Our Own Voice Living with Mental Illness Program” Phase II begins:

  • State/Local affiliate agrees to provide a meeting place to host the two-day training as well as provide food for Trainer and participants.
  • State/Local affiliate through their identified coordinator will pre-screen potential participants and provide this list to NAMI National before a training date is approved.The pre-screening process will determine the participant to be at a place in recovery able to withstand the two-day training and future presentations.If this process proves that the applicant is not yet ready, it is suggested to encourage that person to participate in other NAMI National Consumer Programs when available (i.e. Peer-to-Peer, NAMI C.A.R.E. etc.)
  • After the above criterion is met, a training date will then be set and logistical plans will begin. 
  • There is a timeline of approximately 6 weeks to set up a successful training.

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