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The Center for Rural, Frontier, and Tribal Health National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Institute of Rural Health, Idaho State University
Dr. Beth Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D., Project Director/Principal Investigator

February 5, 2006

Enriching Lives: Resources for mental health care providers to help traumatized rural children and their families

What is it about?

  • The objective of our project is to assist rural, frontier, and Tribal communities in the treatment of child traumatic stress through technology-augmented resources. This effort offers providers tools for optimal practice management, evidence-based clinical protocols, effective personnel recruiting, up-to-date reimbursement knowledge, and Telehealth innovations.

How will it help me?

  • Providers who have better resources and feel better about their work will have better professional quality of life.  As a result, clinicians can provide better care, and practice management will be optimized. Consumers and family members will benefit from improved care.

Who can participate?

  • Physicians, nurses, mental health providers —anyone who deals with child trauma in rural communities. Consultations also are available to schools, parents and other community groups to address access and barriers to child trauma treatment.

What is involved? ISU/IRH is offering providers in rural, frontier and Tribal areas with FREE training and consultation regarding:

  1. Assessment tools for trauma
  2. Educational resources about trauma including your own access to internet databases and video streaming presentations that may offer free continuing education credits
  3. Reimbursement programs for mental health services to rural clients
  4. Financial incentive assistance for recruiting and retaining rural mental health providers
  5. Financial assistance for telecommunication technology
  6. Resource tools to lessen stigma for seeking and utilizing mental health treatment

To find out more.   If you would like to participate in the project, please visit our Web site and subscribe as a new member or send an email to  Of course, you may choose not to continue at any point.  We would be glad to answer any questions that you may have.