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June 28, 2003: Opening Day!

Image Welcome to Minneapolis!
Thousands of attendees arrived today, ready to network, learn and HAVE FUN! Image
Image Steve Loaiza,  Executive Director of NAMI Oregon, shares his perspective at Saturday's meeting of the Executive Directors Group.
NAMI National Executive Director, Rick Birkel, fields questions at the State Presidents Council Meeting Image
Image The Veterans Committee Meeting brought together veterans and family members from several generations of heroes.
Darlene Nipper speaks at the Family-to-Family Institute's annual forum for program directors, trainers, and teachers working in NAMI’s Family-to-Family Provider Education and Support Group Skills Training programs. Image
Image Author BeBe Moore Campbell speaks about the impact Family-to-Family has had on her life.

Attendance was high at this year's In Our Own Voice Consumer awards lunch.

Image The Consumer Council discussed the importance of consumer inclusion at Saturday's meeting.
Clarice Raichel of NAMI SWLA shares how her pilot walk raised the volume of the nation’s voice on mental illness. Image
Image Consumers, family members and others at Saturday's special presentation: USER-FRIENDLY SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVES ON PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS AND THEIR TREATMENTS.


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