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2005 Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards

NAMI's 15th Annual Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards recognizes psychiatrists noteworthy for developing, directing, and/or providing exemplary services designed to help people living with mental illnesses in criminal justice systems, including the prevention of unnecessary incarceration.

NAMI honored 25 physicians with the Exemplary Psychiatrist Award:

Antonio Abad, MD

William Arroyo, MD

Rahn Bailey, MD

Debra K. DePrato, MD

Karen Dickson, MD

Jacqueline M. Feldman, MD

Deborah Lynn Garrelts, MD

Jeffrey Geller, MD

Marcia Kraft Goin, MD, PhD

Steven M. Goldfinger, MD

Stuart Grassian, MD

Terry Kupers, MD

H. Richard Lamb, MD

Richard K. Lambert, MD

Linda Lefler, MD

Hunter McQuistion, MD

Jeffrey Metzner, MD

Mark R. Munetz, MD

Rocio Nell, MD, CPE

Cassandra F. Newkirk, MD

Fred C. Osher, MD

Eric Roskes, MD

Richard L. Wagner, MD

Henry Weinstein, MD

Darko Zdilar, MD

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