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2006 Exemplary Psychiatrist Award Winners

NAMI's 16th Annual Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards recognizes psychiatrists who are noteworthy for going the extra mile, who have made substantial contributions to local or state NAMI activities, and who demonstrate exemplary commitment and expertise in the area of disaster psychiatry and post traumatic stress disorder.

NAMI honors 16 exemplary psychiatrists:

David Edward Post, M.D. (Louisianna)

Robert Alan Rosenheck, M.D. (Connecticut)

Gregory K. Binus, M.D. (Massachussetts)

Bryan P. Warren, M.D. (Georgia)

John Sargent, M.D. (Texas)

James Nininger, M.D. (New York Metro)

Mary T. Mandell, M.D. (North Carolina)

Andrew B. Morris, M.D. (Rhode Island)

Avrim Fishkind, M.D. (Texas)

Betsy Henderson, M.D. (Mississippi)

Jeffrey Taxman, M.D. (Wisconsin)

Carol North, M.D. (Texas)

Ilisse Perlmutter, M.D. (New York)

Anand Pandya, M.D. (New York)

Mary Diamond, M.D. (Pennsylvania)

Linda Carpenter, M.D. (Rhode Island)