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NAMI Commemorates Black History Month

New Resource for African American Families

This month, we are proud to announce a new booklet for the African American community. Personal stories and quotes in "A Family Guide to Mental Health: What you Need to Know" offer important information on mental illness and how it affects the family in an accessible tone. The colorful resource carries the messages that you are not alone, recovery is possible, and identifies where to find more information, and where to seek help. This low-cost booklet is available through the NAMI Bookstore.  

African American Leaders Group Attend Conference

Members of this NAMI advisory group met in Los Angeles for the African American Mental Health Conference held February 15. This conference was sponsored by the County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and focused on "best practices in providing culturally competent mental health services to persons of African heritage".  The African American Leaders Group utilized their time together to plan upcoming activities and strategies for helping NAMI better support the mental health needs of African American communities across the country.  Contact for more information on the African American Leaders Group and other NAMI multicultural leaders groups, and let us know if you are interested in joining.

Click here to access current NAMI resources on mental health issues in African American communities.