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For more information about these reports, NAMI’s advocacy priorities, and other relevant information, check out the following links:

  • New Freedom Commission Web site 
  • NAMI's Shattered Lives Report 
    NAMI released data from its first in a series of examinations of the state of mental health services in the United States. Entitled Shattered Lives: Results of TRIAD's First Report, NAMI’s survey of more than 3,400 individuals with serious mental illnesses revealed just how broken America’s mental health system really is. The data demonstrates that the lack of a coherent mental health system in this country has had a devastating impact for people with serious mental illnesses, including rampant unemployment, repeated psychiatric crises and hospitalizations, pervasive criminalization and incarceration, and insidious stigma and discrimination resulting in barriers to employment, housing and other aspects of life in the community.
  • NAMI’s substantive testimony and recommendations for reforms presented to the New Freedom Commission, July, 2002

Campaign for Mental Health Reform
The Campaign for Mental Health Reform has been organized as the mental health community’s united voice on federal policy. Its goal is to make access, recovery, coherence, and quality in mental health services the hallmarks of our nation’s mental health system. It works directly with federal policymakers to make this a reality.

  • press release on the New Freedom Commission’s report issued jointly by NAMI with colleague organizations through the Campaign for Mental Health Reform, an advocacy coalition established to give meaning to the report.
  • National Technical Assistance Center for State Mental Health Planning Newsletter
    Answering the Challenge: Responses to the President's New Freedom Commission Final Report
  • National Mental Health Association's Can't Make the Grade Report 
    NMHA originally embarked on the State Mental Health Assessment Project to evaluate and grade the level of state policymakers ’ overall investment in mental health services.  No state can earn passing marks for its mental health system,because all have failed to invest adequately in mental health services. And few states even track how mental health is funded across state agencies. In view of these facts,instead of grading the mental health system as a whole, NMHA has evaluated states based on the priority they have given to mental health in three policy areas.
  • Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law - Public Sector Recommendations to the President's Commission on Mental Health