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Microsite Manager Update

May 16, 2007

In this issue:

  • Newly revised user guide
  • New templates and logos available
  • Who manages your microsite?
  • New server update
  • Tips and Tricks: 45 minute rule
  • Stat Snapshot
  • Share your ideas!


Newly revised Microsite Manager User Guide

The Microsite Manager User Guide has been newly revised for 2007. This is the first major revision since the microsite program launched in 2003.

The new guide, formerly titled "Affiliate Microsite Wizard User Guide", contains information about new features added in late 2006, including improved calendar functions and site traffic stats, as well as instructions related to using the new version of Internet Explorer (7.0).

The new guide is available for download in PDF format from the main Microsite Manager screen. We recommend you dispose of or replace the older version you were initially sent when you joined the program.

New templates and logos available

In April, NAMI National launched its new NAMI Identity Guide. This online resource provides instructions on the correct use of the NAMI logo and recommendations for language usage when writing or speaking about NAMI or mental illness. It was created in an effort to help all three levels of NAMI achieve a more uniform look and voice in all our public communications.

But the best part is that this new resource is all about downloads. In addition to accessing the NAMI logo in various electronic formats, you can also access numerous document templates for your state or affiliate office, including templates for letterhead, business cards, name tags, and even a newsletter and Power Point template. And for those of you who work with professional printers, there is also a special section for them.

This new resource can be found online at

And stay tuned. By the end of the year, we hope to have new color scheme options for your microsite, based on these new guidelines.

Who manages your microsite?

One of the purposes of the microsite program is make the process of managing a Web site for your NAMI organization easier. One of the ways this is accomplished is that NAMI National holds a "master key" for your site, so that as volunteers and staff come and go, there will always be someone who can "unlock" your site so you can get in and make changes.

Because of turnover at the state or local level, some of you may not be fully aware of who has access to manage your microsite. To remedy that, we have added a new section to the bottom of the main Microsite Manager page that displays the name, e-mail address and phone number of everyone with management privileges for your site. Please take a look at that section to be sure that the names listed there are still correct. If anyone needs to be removed from or added to your list, please have either the main contact for your microsite, or your president or executive director, contact us at

New server update

As we reported in the last issue, the NAMI Web site and all microsites were slated to move to new and improved servers in a professional Web hosting facility. This move happened in mid-March, and we are pleased to report that the move went smoothly, with minimum downtime.

We also contacted those of you who maintain your own independent domain names for your Web site to give instructions for how to point your domain name to the new server. We are happy to report that this transition appears to be complete. In the coming days, we will be shutting down the old Web server. Although we do not expect there to be any problems at this point, if any of you experience a disruption in your site's availability, please contact us and we will work with you to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Tips and Tricks: 45 minute rule

Have you ever been working on a complex page for your microsite in the Ektron editor, only to click "Save" and have the Web site prompt you to sign in again, thus losing all your work? It can be a very frustrating experience. Why does that happen?

The reason is something called a session. Once you have signed into the NAMI Web site, the server keeps track of how long you have been signed in. As long as you are still clicking and interacting with the site, you will stay signed in indefinitely. However, if more than 45 minutes elapse and you have not clicked or interacted with the site, your session will expire and you will be required to sign in again.

But wait, you say, when I'm in the Ektron editor, I AM interacting with the site. Unfortunately, that is not how the server sees it. The Ektron editor is a plug-in, or mini-program, within your browser, so while you are working in Ektron, the Web server cannot "see" you and thinks you are idle. If 45 minutes elapse, you will be prompted to sign in again and will lose your work. Also, if the Web server suddenly experiences heavy traffic or encounters some kind of error, it can cause a reset of all user sessions, so even if it has been less than 45 minutes, there still may be times when you lose your work.

So what can you do to avoid this? Here are some suggestions:

  1. If possible, do the bulk of your composing and editing of your Web pages in some other program, and then copy your work into the Ektron editor. Even if you just use Microsoft Word to write your copy, that cuts down on the amount of time you need to work within Ektron.
  2. As you are working within Ektron, periodically stop and click "Save". Every 10 minutes is a good rule of thumb. Then you can go back in and pick up where you left off.

But what if you forget to periodically save, and suddenly realize you may have crossed the 45 minute mark? In that case, you should do the following.

  1. Do not click "Save". Instead, in your Web browser, go to the File menu and choose the "New Window" option
  2. Browse to the NAMI home page, and sign in. Even though you are in a new window, this will restore your session and allow you to save your work without losing it.
  3. Return to the original window and click "Save".

Stat Snapshot

Top 10 Microsites, April 2007:

  Site Visits Visitors Previous rank:
NAMI Oklahoma 2,859 1,093
NAMI of Connecticut, Inc 2,650 991
NAMI Vermont 2,338 589
NAMI Indiana 2,324 793
NAMI Orange County 2,283 873
NAMI Multnomah 2,154 555
NAMI OREGON 2,028 767
NAMI Maine 1,804 656
NAMI Alabama 1,744 785
NAMI Southwest Missouri 1,603 493


Total number of NAMI Microsites


Number that have launched

130 (79%)

Number of sites updated in the past 30 days

62 (47%)

Number of sites updated in the past 31 – 90 days

21 (16%)

Welcome newest microsites!:


Launched On:

NAMI Tulsa 5/15/2007
NAMI Pennsylvania Cambria County Affiliate 5/10/2007
NAMI Pinellas County Inc. 5/2/2007
NAMI Northside Atlanta 4/29/2007
NAMI of Warren County 4/26/2007
NAMI Billings 3/30/2007
NAMI PA - Delaware County Chapter 3/29/2007
NAMI El Paso 3/9/2007
NAMI Greater Cleveland 3/7/2007
NAMI Southern Maryland 2/27/2007
NAMI Greater Des Moines 2/27/2007

Share your ideas!

Have a great idea that you would like to share with other microsite managers? Post it to the Microsite Manager discussion group! Access the discussion group from the main Microsite Manager screen.