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Microsite Manager Update

August 16, 2007

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  • E-Join 
  • Your listing on the site
  • Stat Snapshot
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New E-Join program allows members to join online

As many of you know by now, during the 2007 NAMI National Convention in June, the E-Join program was launched.

E-Join is a program that allows visitors to the NAMI Web site to join NAMI at the local, state, and national level online and pay a flat $35 dues rate with their credit card. Best of all, NAMI national does not keep any of the dues for members who join online, but passes all the money to the state, to then be shared with the local affiliate.

The reason for launching E-Join was fairly simple: the NAMI Web site receives over 12,000 unique visitors each day, and less than 5% are NAMI members. So there is a tremendous opportunity for gaining new members online.

Already, the results are positive. In less than two months, over 700 members have joined online, and a third of all NAMI affiliates have gained new members as a result.

Adding E-join to your microsite

If you would like to direct visitors from your Web site to join NAMI online, you may now do so. The easiest way is to create a link from your microsite to the general "Join" page on the NAMI site, where visitors will find instructions on how to join. Here's how:

  1. Create a navigation section on your site called "Membership" or "Join". (Note that microsites have a navigation item called "Membership" by default).
  2. If you already have a page about membership, and want to simply link people from that page to the general "Join" page on the NAMI site, add a link from your content record that goes to (see page 22 in your User Guide for instructions on creating links). Or, if you would like to have your membership section route visitors to the general "Join" page directly, see below.
  3. If you don't already have a page about membership, or would like your Membership section to route people directly to the general "Join" page on the NAMI site, you should do the following:
    1. Open your default "Membership" page for editing
    2. Be sure to give the page a Title and Description, as you normally would
    3. Delete any existing HTML content, by clicking the "delete" icon under the "HTML Content" tab on the page
    4. Under the "Linked Content" tab on the Content Properties screen, enter the following:
      URL: /ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=18396
      Link Name: Join
    5. Click "Add/Update"
    6. When the page reloads, click "Preview" at the top. If everything was done correctly, you should now see the general "Join" page displaying within your microsite template.
    7. Publish the page.

Please keep in mind that linking to E-Join from your microsite is optional. We recognize that many states and affiliates have their own membership policies and procedures, and that E-Join may not be a good substitute in all cases. Also, E-Join is a means for new members to join. At this time, it is not a means for existing members to renew. You should continue to include information on your Web site about how current members can renew.

Finally, "E-Join" is NAMI's internal terminology for this program, so you won't find reference to E-Join on the actual site. All references are simply to "Register and Join" or "Join".

For questions about adding E-Join to your microsite, please use the Microsite Support discussion group.

Your listing on the site

One of the most visited areas on the site is the area that lists contact information for state and local NAMIs. This is found under the "Find Support" menu as "State and Local NAMIs" and in the left-hand navigation of every page as "State and Local NAMIs". The direct link is

It is critical that your state or local organization keep this information current so that the Web visitors who are looking for you can find you.

Take a moment to visit this area now and look at the information listed for your organization. Is it correct and up-to-date? And is your Web site address listed there? You've worked hard on your microsite, so be sure visitors to the NAMI Web site can find it.

If any corrections or additions need to be made, these can be made directly through the Webmembership system (the system many states and affiliates use for managing membership records), or you can e-mail your changes to

Stat Snapshot

Top 10 Microsites, July 2007:

  Site Visits Visitors Previous rank:
NAMI of Connecticut, Inc 3,294 1,062
NAMI Orange County 3,183 914 
NAMI Vermont 2,996 628
NAMI Oklahoma 2,991 987
NAMI Indiana 2,820 767
NAMI West Houston 2,452 465
NAMI Multnomah 2,305 503
NAMI OREGON 2,218 677
NAMI Arkansas 2,138 527
NAMI Albuquerque 2,004 490


Total number of NAMI Microsites


Number that have launched

141 (76%)

Number of sites updated in the past 30 days

73 (52%)

Number of sites updated in the past 31 – 90 days

26 (18%)

Welcome newest microsites!:

Microsite Name Launched On 
NAMI Queens/Nassau 8/15/2007
AMI Cambridge Middlesex County 8/14/2007
NAMI PA - Delaware County Chapter 8/13/2007
NAMI NJ - Hunterdon County 8/8/2007
NAMI Veterans Council 8/8/2007
NAMI Inland Valley 8/8/2007
Daughters & Sons Network 8/7/2007
NAMI Linn County 8/5/2007
NAMI North Carolina 8/2/2007
NAMI Kern 7/25/2007
NAMI Tulsa 6/23/2007
NAMI Orange County 6/19/2007
NAMI Sonoma County 6/18/2007
NAMI Georgia 6/13/2007
NAMI Westside Los Angeles 5/22/2007

Share your ideas!

Have a great idea that you would like to share with other microsite managers? Post it to the Microsite Support discussion group! Access the discussion group from the main Microsite Manager screen. This is also the place to post your questions or suggestions.