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CMS Releases Proposed Rules for Rehabilitation

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just released proposed rules for the rehabilitative services option under Medicaid. This option is used to finance many services received by adults and children with serious mental illnesses.   For a copy of the regulations, click here.

For NAMI National's preliminary analysis of the rules, click here.

Like many Medicaid documents, the rules are very complex. Over the next weeks, we will be talking to consumers, families, providers, administrators, and others to determine the full impact of the rules and will provide a more detailed analysis. We are very interested in your views and any information from your community. Please email Mary Giliberti,, with any comments. NAMI national will also be sending state and affiliate leaders and members suggested comments on the proposed rules as guidance. It is important for CMS to hear from many of us about how the proposed rules will affect consumers and families, including personal stories about the potential impact of the proposed rule changes.