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Image  Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, President

Dr. Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia is a practicing clinical psychiatrist who has had bipolar disorder since the age of fifteen. She founded and operates an independent mental health clinic in Western Pennsylvania. Dr. Vogel-Scibilia completed her residency at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic where she was a Laughlin Awardee for her teaching and public service. She is a clinical assistant professor at Western Psychiatric Institute and serves on the faculty of two community hospitals. Dr. Vogel-Scibilia is a consultant for psychopharmacology projects at the National Institute of Mental Health and is a grant reviewer for SAMSHA. As well as being Chair of The Child-Adolescent Policy Subcommittee, she oversees projects involving support and education for young families. She established a Roman Catholic mental health nonprofit organization that provides seed money for programs and undertakes projects in the United States.

She is a member of the NAMI-Pennsylvania Board of Directors and speaks throughout the country on many topics for NAMI affiliates. Locally she runs a NAMI-CARE, a NAMI-CAN and a Bipolar Support group. She is a teacher for Peer to Peer and a speaker for Family to Family.

Dr. Vogel-Scibilia resides in her hometown of Beaver County, Pennsylvania with her husband, Jim, and their five children.